“En el trayecto de mi vida como artista me re descubro al borde de mi propia interpretación, entre lo figurativo y lo abstracto, donde crece mi pasión por la experimentación y los procesos creativos. Me intriga el proceso por el que atravesamos en la vida y busco dar significado a eventos, textos y objetos poco comunes que recolecto, intervengo, transformo y en el proceso cada una de estas obras me transforman a mi.” 


Yvette Malo is a Mexican visual artist born in the United States, constantly searching and experimenting with creative processes, reinventing herself between figurative and abstract art.

She is currently working on “Memories of Time” and the procedures that she uses are fundamental, inspired by the use of the materials, the effects of time and the pigments emanating from it. Philosophy has been her focus of her work in recent years, the beauty of the imperfect and the calligraphy or “codes” as she calls them.

Her inspiration is taken by nature and the symbols that man creates, therefore in these representations she conceptualises them. Yvette seeks to give meaning to events and objects that she collects in her path and appends it to her work. She begins her work with a certain vision, although the work and the process finds its own way.17437914_237690773364205_3282463381994340352_n

Yvette has participated on several exhibitions around the states of the Mexican Republic, Costa Rica, Austria and London.

She entered the National School of Painting Sculpture and Print making “La Esmeralda”, she studied contemporary art at the Universidad Iberoamericana, as well as Graphic Design, Literature, Print making, Watercolor and Restoration in institutions such as the Museo de la Acuarela, Escuela de Bellas Artes en Hidalgo, Anáhuac University, Museo de la Ciudad, Fondazione I’ll Bison per lo studio dell’arte gráfica, Italy, The Art Academy, London, UK and currently holds a degree in Art History at Casa Lamm.


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